​​​​​Southwyck Community Association, Inc.

Pearland, Texas

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Homeowner's Associations

Southwyck Community Association -  Master  
1673 homes total
Board Email: directors@southwycktexas.com

Southwyck Section I 
Southglen & Emerald Pointe
865 homes total
Board Email: southwyck1@southwycktexas.com
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Southwyck Section IV Huntington Park, Southfield Village, Edgewater Estates & Southmanor - 755 homes total
Website: www.southwyck4.com
Board Email: directors@southwyck4.com

Southwyck Section V 
Lakecrest Estates - 53 homes total

Board Email: southwyck5@southwycktexas.com

The Community Associations of Southwyck are dedicated to serving our community by providing planning and oversight of all areas of the neighborhood. There are several HOA's in place with varying responsibilities and roles within each. We welcome our residents and neighbors with open arms. Please inquire today about how you can become a part of our volunteer base. We are always looking for community-based volunteers. Volunteers generate enthusiasm and interest and help to create a positive image for our community.  By volunteering you make new friends, increase your self confidence and your sense of purpose.  Without volunteers to aid our community, we fail at being a community. To learn how you can help, email directors@southwycktexas.com.

There are 3 Village associations within our community that handle different areas and aspects of maintaining and improving the neighborhood amenities.  Links to the various associations are also available to the right --->