2020 Boad of Directors:

President - Scarlett Kutch

Vice-President - Carolyn Isaacson

Secretary/Treasurer - Kathleen Blount

Director - Stephanie Simmons-Bell

Director - Gary Bradshaw

For any inquiries regarding Southwyck Section IV, please contact their board directly:

Email: directors@southwyck4.com

Management Company:


Community Association Manager: Otis Chandler

Office number: 713-329-7100

Direct number: 713-329-7103 

Email: ochandler@pmghouston.com

​Check the Section 4 website for 

additional details www.southwyck4.com.

Southwyck Section IV

755 homes, which are represented in sections 4, 7, 8 & 9 and are the villages of Southfield Village, Huntington Park, Southmanor and Edgewater Estates.

Please visit Section IV page referenced below for any questions concerning Morgan pool, deed restriction violations, and architectural review applications as well as pool hours of the Morgan Pool and use of the baseball field. 

Home Page

Management Company:

1100 Corporate Centre Drive #150

Houston, Texas 77041

Main number: 713-329-7100

Community Association Manager: Rachel Richmond, CMCA, AMS

Office number: 713-329-7103

Email: r.richmond2@pmghouston.com

Please review this diagram.  Make sure you contact the right entity for any questions or concerns you may have.  Going to the wrong entity only delays your finding a solution.

This map was created using data from the City of Pearland GIS data site. This Map was created on 04/13/2016.

​​​​Southwyck Community Association, Inc.

Pearland, Texas