​​​​​Southwyck Community Association, Inc.

Pearland, Texas

Please review this diagram.  Make sure you contact the right entity for any questions or concerns you may have.  Going to the wrong entity only delays your finding a solution.

Questions or concerns about the

Southwyck Section 1 pool?

Please contact our community manager:

Kelley Wheeler
Email: kelleyw@Crest-Management.com

This map was created using data from the City of Pearland GIS data site. This Map was created on 04/13/2016.

Southwyck Section I

Southwyck Section I, with 865 homes, is located east of County Road 89 (Cullen) and includes the villages of Southglenand Emerald Pointe, which are sections 1, 2 & 3.  This association is charged with the maintenance and running of the pool and two parks - one on Northfork Drive and the other on Glencullen Ln. plus landscaping within these villages.  All section boards are also in charge of enforcing deed restrictions within their villages and architectural review applications within the two villages.

AS OF SEPTEMBER 8, 2020 - NEW Management Company (09/08/2020):

Crest Management
17171 Park Row, Suite 310
Houston, Texas
Work Phone: 281-579-0761

Community Manager
Kelley Wheeler
Email: kelleyw@Crest-Management.com

Assistant Manager
D: 281-945-4604
E: jill@crest-management.com

For any inquiries regarding Southwyck Section I, please contact their board directly by email to southwyck1@southwycktexas.com.  Please use this email address to also request important eblasts from the association.  


Go to www.crest-management.com to:

- Stay updated on community information
 - Make “Exterior Modification Requests”
 - Request pool tags
 - Review community governing documents, financials and much more

Crest Management Company Homeowner Login instructions ~click here~

Usually the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm.  Monthly board meetings are currently being held by video conference.  Please make sure the Section 1's management company has your email address so they ​can send information on how to ​attend.  

2022 Board of Directors 
Gary Martin (2025)
Cathie Tydelski (2024)
Pam Bayer (2026)
Jacob Griffin (2025)
Vacant (2022​)

​Email: southwyck1@southwycktexas.com

** Crest Management Company DOES NOT bill or collect assessments.  Southwyck CAI (master) is the only entity to make

​assessments to.

Map of Southwyck Section 1

Southglen & Emerald Pointe villages


2022 Southwyck Section 1 HOA Members,

It was determined today that due to the difficulties with Southwyck Members using the Silverlake amenties last year and the issues that Silverlake had with their access system, that Southwyck Section 1 Members will now have to have an access card specifically for Silverlake amenities. 

If you have submitted an access device registration form for the 2022 season and indicated that you would like to have access to Silverlake, nothing more will need to be done. The Silverlake cards will be mailed out by our community manager next week. 

If you have sumbitted an access device registraion form for the 2022 season, but did not indicate that you would like to have access to Silverlake amenities, please resubmit your form with the Silverlake access section initialed, if you have changed your mind. 

If you have an access device from last year with the cross usage sticker, the card will not work at Silverlake any longer and a new card for Silverlake will need to be issued. Please complete the attached registration form and be sure to include the card number you already have in possession, and initial the back of the form indicating your desire to have access to the Silverlake amenities. Our community manager will mail out the cards as requests come in, starting next week. Sincerely,
Board of Directors, Southwyck Section 1 Homeowners Association


2021 Silverlake HOA  and Southwyck Section 1 HOA are happy to announce that Silverlake and Southwyck, Section 1 HOA have agreed to a new cross usage agreement that will benefit each HOA’s residents.
The Agreement Concerning Use of Recreational Facilities with Silverlake Homeowners Association allows Southwyck Section 1 Residents in good standing, access to Silverlake Amenities such as their pool, parks, sports fields and playgrounds. 

To initiate use of any Silverlake amenities, Southwyck Section 1 members must contact our manager, Kelly Wheeler, at kelleyw@Crest-Management.com to verify account status and establish connection with Silverlake. 

The two Boards have also expressed a desire to co-host events for all residents of Silverlake and Southwyck jointly.  When more details are available, that information will be shared with both communities.
You may contact Southwyck Section 1 using the following information for acquiring access cards to be used at both community pools, Silverlake facility rentals and sport field reservations as well as any general questions.
Community Manager
Kelley Wheeler

Assistant Manager