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The following questions have been raised over time by Southwyck residents. We have attempted to provide answers and explanations to these questions below. If you would like to submit a question, you may do so in person at an association meeting, by emailing directors@southwycktexas.com or by visiting the discussion forum section of this website.

What are the different sections of the Southwyck community and which neighborhoods are included in each?

Southwyck is divided into three (3) sections (1, 4 & 5), each with its own separate board of directors, rules & regulations. All three sections come together under the umbrella of the Southwyck Community Association or "Master" Association as it is sometimes called or referred to as. Section I includes the neighborhoods of Southglen and Emerald Pointe. Section IV includes Huntington Park, Southfield Village, Edgewater Estates and Southmanor and Section V is made up of the homes in Lakecrest Estates.

Who can attend Southwyck Community Association director meetings?

Southwyck Community "Master" Association directors meetings are open to homeowners and are held on the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. by Zoom meeting. The board will reserve a public forum section on the agenda, usually at the beginning of each meeting where residents are encouraged to ask questions and bring their concerns before the board. Afterwards, the board will conduct the public business of the association and will then go into executive session, the private portion of the meeting. During the public session, residents are encouraged to attend, take notes and communicate with board members afterward, so the meeting process can be conducted as efficiently as possible.

How are board members selected?

Before the annual meeting each year, the board issues a call for candidates that wish to run for election. Any residents that wish to run will be included on the ballot which will be mailed before the annual meeting. Residents may vote in person or by mail-in and faxing of their proxy. If a seat on the board is vacated or if no one runs for a seat that is up for election, the board may appoint a homeowner of it's choosing for that director's position. 

What are the basic duties of the Southwyck Community (Master) Association?

The format of our association includes a Master Association and the Section (Village) Associations.

From a general standpoint, the Master is responsible for collection of all dues, maintenance of certain common areas including two parks, community entrances, and perimeter fences around major roadways. The Master also handles overall casualty insurance for the properties and may hold a limited number of community events with the help of volunteers from the association. 

What are the basic duties of each section association?

Although the section associations have many duties in accordance with the covenants and by-laws, their primary duties consist of maintaining parks/amenities within their villages, deed restriction enforcement and architectural control. The Master does not handle section duties.

How can I volunteer to help with community activities and projects?

All residents are encourage to get involved with the section and master associations by attending meetings regularly, participating in the discussion forum and by attending community events. Volunteering to help with committees and events adds value to the community. You can volunteer in person or by emailing us at directors@southwycktexas.com.

What amenities do I have access to as a resident of Southwyck?

Residents of Southwyck I have access to the pool on Northfork only.  

Residents of Southwyck IV have access to the pool on Morgan Road.

Access to each of these facilities is based on card access which must be worked out with your Village Association Management Company. 

(See further information under the amenities section).

Are HOA fees mandatory?

HOA fees are set by the Master and by the Section Boards on an annual basis and are divided into semi-annual payments. Amounts covering the period January to June are due by July 15th and for July through December by January 15th.  Assessment are collected in arrears (after the fact).

These fees are mandatory and you agree to pay them upon purchase of your house. Our Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions provide our ability to charge late fees, interest and related collection charges back to the owners for delinquent accounts. Any account more than 15 days delinquent is subject to a $50 collection fee for each assessment billing period. In addition your account is assessed with interest charges of 3 percent as well as legal costs. Beyond that, the association is entitled to place a lien on your property and to foreclose if necessary to collect any amounts due. 

Does the association repair sidewalks?

No.  If you are in the City limits, you can contact the city and let them know of any sidewalk issues within the city limits.  If you are in the ETJ, you are responsible for the sidewalks in front of your property.  The MUD will only repair a sidewalk if the sidewalk is part of the repairs that they are making.

Last update to this section: 05/20/2020.

Please review this diagram.  Make sure you contact the right entity for any questions or concerns you may have.  Going to the wrong entity only delays your finding a solution.

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