Please review this diagram.  Make sure you contact the right entity for any questions or concerns you may have.  Going

to the wrong entity only delays your finding a solution.

The Southwyck Master Association and it's villages have a number of amenities available to its residents. 

The 2 pools within Southwyck CAI are owned and maintained by either Section 1 or 4 only.  Southwyck CAI does not own these pools.  Pool accesses are controlled by key cards that are assigned by your Section's board that you live in. 
Please contact your Village Management Associationson their individual pages under the Homeowner's Association page.

If you have any questions, feel free to use the 'contact us' link orcontact your Village Section's HOA management company or board.

Southwyck Lake Park on Northfork

Located at Shelby Drive and Northfork Drive containing playground area with shade protected sandbox and play structure; picnic tables; sand volleyball pit; covered pavilion; lake and large open area.  

Anyone wishing to use the Southwyck Lake Park or Southwyck Sunset Park for a large event will need to reserve the park by contacting our management company:

Community Management Solutions, Inc.
Kathy Dooley
281-480-2563 Office
281-480-2608 Fax

Southwyck Sunset Park on Morgan

Located between Northfork and Southfork Drives on Morgan Road has pergola, picnic tables, benches, swing benches for sitting back and relaxing, fishing or feeding the ducks. Crushed granite walkways and additional benches.

Section I
Northfork Drive Park, within the Southglen Subdivision, features covered picnic area with picnic tables, large playground, crushed granite track with exercise stations, and a pool.

For any questions you might have in obtaining pool access cards, pool rules or times and dates the pool is open, contact the Section 1 management company.  Contact information is on the Section 1 page.

The Pocket Park at Thalerfield and Glencullen features playground equipment for smaller children and benches. No dogs are allowed to roam and play within this area.

Section IV
Park at Morgan Road features picnic area, large children’s playground, Little League/Softball Field, and pool facilities.

For any questions you might have in obtaining pool access cards, pool rules or times and dates the pool is open, contact the Section 4 management company.  Contact information is on the Section 4 page.

Section V

Benches near the lake & pad next to the lake.  Section V does not have a community pool.

Silverlake Clubhouse
This property is owned by the Silverlake association.  Southwyck CAI has nothing to do with who can or cannot rent or use this facility.  Section 1 is the only section to have a cross usage agreement.  See their page for any details.

Neighborhood Amenities

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