February 2019 board meeting highlights:

Thanks to the homeowners who took the time to attend our monthly board meeting.  It is always great to see new and old faces and we are here to listen to you and share how we run our association.

- Board voted on officer positions where any board member could run for any position they wanted.  All board positions have equal say in all decisions and not one position holds more weight than another.  The board elected to keep the positions as they previously were.

     President – Helen Bilyeu
     Vice President – John Fisher
     Secretary – Vanessa Williams
     Treasurer – Sangeeta Bakshi
     Director – Sylvia Nguyen

- The board recapped the annual meeting and discussed if there were any additional concerns that anyone heard.  Nothing was noted.

- The board agreed on installing another fountain in the lake on the Sunset park side.  The board will review the different spray patterns and vote by email.  Electrical will need to be taken care of before the fountain can be installed and the board agreed on the bid.

- 4D SignWorx is still in the permit process for the Southglen signage.

- The board ratified an email vote on the new plantings for the Southglen area as well.

- Repairs continue at Emerald Pointe and Southglen wooden fences.

- A replacement foot-washing and drinking fountain should be installed soon to the Southwyck Lake Park.

- Caution tape has been draped over one of the trash cans at the Southwyck Lake Park.  Kathy to investigate.

- We asked Kathy to have someone remove the destroyed squirrel sign bases that are sticky up in the Southwyck Lake Park.

- The board approved moving an additional $70,000 to reserve to help with large upcoming fence repairs.

- Kathy to collect all the lake cost expenses so that we can go to the Silverlake board and present the total to them for cost sharing, which they have done in the past with Southwyck CAI.  Southwyck maintains the lake at Southwyck Lake Park.

- Section 5 P.O. Box has changed and we will update on our website.

- Kathy and someone from her office will try one more pass at getting homeowners at Huntington Park to sign fence installation release form once it gets a bit warmer and less likely to rain.

- January assessments are late if they were not paid by January 31st.  Anyone who has questions about their assessment should contact our property manager, Kathy Dooley at 281-480-2563 Office or Email: kathy@CMSIsolutions.com.
A copy of the 2018 annual meeting presentation and handout can be found under the 
Records/Minutes/Publications at the bottom of the page.

NEW (09/2019) Southwyck CAI Policy Regarding Perimeter Fencing - September, 2018  ~~ Click here ~~


As of May 1st, 2016, Community Management Solutions, Inc. (CMSI) has been hired as our new management company.  You may possibly remember, CMSI was our managing company from years past.   Kathy Dooley is our manager and owner of CMSI.  Letters of introduction have been sent to each household with a contact form for you to fill out.  Please take the time to give us information on how we can contact you.  Please make sure, if you do online banking and pay your Southwyck CAI assessments through your bank, that you update the mailing address to:

Southwyck Community Assoc.

c/o CMSI

2615 Bay Area Boulevard

Houston, TX 77058

Voice: 281-480-2563

Fax: 281-480-2608



Waste Management observes six holidays a year: 

New Year’s Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day 

If garbage collection day falls on one of these days, service will resume on the next regularly scheduled day.  If recycling or yard trimmings pickup falls on one of these days, these services will skip that week and resume the following week.

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