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Pearland, Texas

January assessments have been mailed out.  If you did not receive your bill please contact CMSI - Office # 281-480-2563 or email kathy@CMSIsolutions.com.  Mention that you are with Southwyck.

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November 2019 board meeting highlights:

- Southwyck Section IV Homeowner’s Association (“Section IV”) filed suit against Southywck Community Association on September 5, 2019. The lawsuit is a public document and may be reviewed by clicking <Doc>

 Southwyck Community Association has engaged legal counsel and has responded to the lawsuit which is also a public document and may also be reviewed by clicking <Doc>

 At this time, Southwyck Community Association believes that Section IV’s latest claim violates the previous judgment and injunction entered in 2014 against Section IV and its board of directors (then current and future) in the lawsuit entitled Southwyck Community Association, Inc. v. Southwyck, Section IV Homeowners’ Association, Inc., Cause No. 77417, in the 412th Judicial District Court of Brazoria County, which was later affirmed by the 14th District Court of Appeals in Houston.

As this case continues to develop, we will keep you all posted.

- Wrap up Southwyck Market & Movie tasks and concerns.

- Need to start working on the annual meeting presentation for the meeting.  Approved annual meeting documents - call for candidates (which should go out first week in December), proxy/absentee ballot.  We have one board position, John Fisher’s, which is up for election in January.

- Questions on whether all the Section 1 wooden fences where repaired.

- 2018 audit complete with nothing remarkable noted.

- Approved the repairs to the Southwyck Lake Park fountain that was damaged by a nutria.  We need to replace the 15 HP light sets and power cords.  The new light sets will have armoring on the jumper wires and both the light and pump power cords will have armoring to help prevent damage from nutria rats, etc.

- CenterPoint did repair some insulators and other equipment at Southwyck Lake Park so we have electricity again.  Thanks to a neighbor for letting us know there was a problem.

- Fall/Winter color is going in this week.

- S1 requested that we have the electrician come and make sure the electrical is working at the S1 entrance on Northfork.  Since the lights are currently working and we just had the electrical looked at, we declined to have electrician come out again.  Appropriate outlets for plugging in Christmas lights were photographed and will be sent to the S1 board.

- Southwyck CAI Christmas decoration should go up mid month.

- Our trees where trimmed along the brick fences on Northfork and Morgan.  2 dead trees were removed in the area.

- Homeowners that have houses along Emerald Pointe and Southglen that have trees or plants hanging from the wooden fence where sent reminders that it is their responsibility to trim their trees.  If we have to trim them, they will be billed back those charges.

- The bulk heads at Southwyck Lake Park are being inspected.

- The Boy Scouts will be putting up the American Flags for Veterans Day on Sunday night.

- Assessment bills have gone out and should have arrived at the owner's mailing address.  Please keep an eye out for it.  If you have not received your assessment bill, changed your mailing address or if you have misplaced your bill, please contact CMSI at:

Community Manager
Kathy Dooley
281-480-2563 Office
281-480-2608 Fax
Email: kathy@CMSIsolutions.com    Mention you are with the Southwyck Association.

NEW (09/2018) Southwyck CAI Policy Regarding Perimeter Fencing - September, 2018  ~~ Click here ~~


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