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January assessments have been mailed out.  If you did not receive your bill please contact CMSI - Office # 281-480-2563 or email kathy@CMSIsolutions.com.  Mention that you are with Southwyck.

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January 2020 annual meeting highlights:

- The annual meeting started on time with approximately 30 homeowners in attendance.  Some of these were couple.  As a reminder, the association has 1673 homes.  That’s less than 2% of the homeowners that attended.  For the homeowners that did attend, WELL DONE!  Thanks for coming and learning about our association.  All questions were answered and we all got to meet some new faces.

- Southwyck CAI had 1 board position up for election this year.  We had three individuals put their names on the ballot:

Sam Prentice
Scarlett Kutch
John Fisher (incumbent)

- John Fisher won the election to the Southwyck CAI board.  Each candidate was given a few minutes to tell about themselves and why they were running for a position.  We got to meet a relatively new homeowner and candidate Sam Prentice and what motivated him to run.  Scarlett Kutch did not attend the meeting.

- At our February board meeting, board members will convene to elect the officers.

- The annual meeting presentation will be placed up under the Records/Minutes/Publications page.  This will also include the financials that were presented.

- We reviewed the responsibility of the master and showed maps of where our villages are because many get confused with Silverlake villages.  Silverlake and Southwyck properties are separate properties.

- Homeowners are encouraged to review this informational display showing what sections and what the master handle.  Two key points – 1) Sections handle all pool-related issues 2) Sections handle anything to do with deed restrictions and architectural requests.  If you have questions/concerns and the issue falls within your section, it’s the section board's responsibility.  If it is at the large park on Northfork with the lake or the smaller park, also at the lake, or a perimeter or entrance issue, it is the master’s responsibilities.  

- Click here to read the statement from our lawyer regarding the Section 4 lawsuit.

- Click here to read about sidewalks in our community and who is responsible for repairs as explained by Kurt Evenson who also spoke on the subject at the annual meeting and our lawyer believes Kurt explained it quite well.

- Homeowners interested in helping us with our next community event in the spring on Saturday, April 4th, please contact the board by emailing us at directors@southwycktexas.com.  We need assistance with locating vendors for the event, helping vendors locate their spot in the park and a few very simple, but helpful tasks that won't keep you at the park all day.  We know your time is valuable.  FYI - we will be having a band back out to our spring event.  It should be fabulous!

- Assessment bills have gone out and are due.  If you have not received your assessment bill, changed your mailing address or if you have misplaced your bill, please contact CMSI at:

Community Manager
Kathy Dooley
281-480-2563 Office
281-480-2608 Fax
Email: kathy@CMSIsolutions.com    Mention you are with the Southwyck Association.

NEW (09/2018) Southwyck CAI Policy Regarding Perimeter Fencing - September, 2018  ~~ Click here ~~


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If garbage collection day falls on one of these days, service will resume on the next regularly scheduled day.  If recycling or yard trimmings pickup falls on one of these days, these services will skip that week and resume the following week.

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