Updated 10/09/2018

November topics discussed: 

We had a couple of homeowners who attended our board meeting and we thank them for their input and participation.  It is always good to see and hear from interested homeowners and we thank them for taking time to come.

-          Reviewed the Movie Night tasks.  Movie Night at Southwyck Lake Park will be Saturday, December 1.  The movie will be '
Home Alone'.  Food trucks will be at the park at about 4:30 PM.  Movie Starts at 5:30 PM.  Before the movie starts the DJ will play Christmas music and have a bubble machine dispensing bubbles for the kids.  We welcome any residence to join us for Movie Night at Southwyck Lake Park.  

-          Christmas decorations at the Southwyck Lake Park should be up around or before Thanksgiving.

-          We talked about sidewalks in the ETJ within Southwyck CAI.  We should post our position on our website and newsletter.

-          New rules and contact sign will be ordered for both parks since they are in bad shape.

-          Drinking fountain and foot washing station installation to move forward.

-          Reviewed pictures of some trees that need to be removed because they are dead.

-          The board came up with 2019 possible projects.

-          Reviewed the annual meeting tasks.

-          Reviewed all the annual meeting documents and dates to go out.  A postcard for candidate call should be sent out immediately.

-          Board members were given a first pass of the annual presentation and will review on their own.

-          The board approved raffle gifts for the annual meeting.

-          The board reviewed the 2019 budget and made changes to some items. 

As a reminder, we still have an open board position that we need to fill.  We were unable to have a quorum at the October board meeting because we didn’t have a full board.  If you are interested in meeting other in our community, sharing your ideas, being listened to and you care about where you live and how your HOA is run, then please submit your name to the board by emailing us at directors@southwycktexas.com.  We ask that you attend 2 board meetings to see how we run and that you have an email address that you can check throughout the week.  After the 2nd meeting the board then votes amongst themselves on whether we think you’d be a good fit.  We are a nice, pleasant group of folks.  Everyone has something to offer towards running our association and you could help with that as well.

To have your email added to our eblast, please email Kathy Dooley at Kathy@CMSIsolutions.com and in the subject enter ‘Southwyck email – please add’.  Please provide your name, physical home address and email address.  REMEMBER, we do not sell your email address or use your email address for personal gain.  We keep emails to homeowners to a minimum.  We also send out a friendly reminder when assessments are due in case you accidentally filed the notice somewhere where you can’t find it or if you never received it in the mail for some reason.

​​Updated project list available here.

NEW (09/2019) Southwyck CAI Policy Regarding Perimeter Fencing - September, 2018  ~~ Click here ~~



As of May 1st, 2016, Community Management Solutions, Inc. (CMSI) has been hired as our new management company.  You may possibly remember, CMSI was our managing company from years past.   Kathy Dooley is our manager and owner of CMSI.  Letters of introduction have been sent to each household with a contact form for you to fill out.  Please take the time to give us information on how we can contact you.  Please make sure, if you do online banking and pay your Southwyck CAI assessments through your bank, that you update the mailing address to:

Southwyck Community Assoc.

c/o CMSI

2615 Bay Area Boulevard

Houston, TX 77058

Voice: 281-480-2563

Fax: 281-480-2608



Waste Management observes six holidays a year: 

New Year’s Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day 

If garbage collection day falls on one of these days, service will resume on the next regularly scheduled day.  If recycling or yard trimmings pickup falls on one of these days, these services will skip that week and resume the following week.

Please review this

diagram.  Make sure you contact the right entity for any questions or concerns

you may have.  Going

to the wrong entity only

delays your finding a


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