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October 2020 board meeting highlights:

​- Southwyck Lake Park fountain will hopefully have repairs completed by next week.

- The low brick wall at Southwyck Lake Park around the play equipment will be repaired soon.

- We will be getting a bid for a column repair on Magnolia at the retention area in Emerald Pointe that has fallen.

- Fence repairs at Magnolia in Emerald Pointe area were discussed.  The bid from the vendor may need to be adjusted.  Need to get a bid for staining the entire fence and not just the boards replaced.  Bid will be from another party.

- We need the fence company that performed repairs on Cullen and Fite to come out and secure some boards that have popped after they settled and to re-stain some of the replaced boards as it looks like the rain washed the stain out.

- Kathy asked to take care of contacting the homeowners on Fite, Cullen and Magnolia where they have trees, vines, and other plants growing over the wooden fences or on the fence.  Homeowners will be expected to cover costs if Southwyck CAI has to take care of the trimming.

- The Huntington Park monument will hopefully be repaired by next week if we don’t have any weather issues.

- The Huntington Park wooden fence south of Sorenson needs to be replaced.  Bids will go out for that job.

 - The board discussed a preliminary budget for 2021, and requested Kathy add extra to landscaping budget for replacement plant material that has died, to budget 1 possible social event budgeted for next year,   Kathy to get the next updated draft out to the board next week.

- The board discussed a need for some replacement bushes throughout Southwyck that will be taken care of early next year.  The rose bushes in some areas will be replaced by another species of bush since they are not doing well and look spindly year-round.

- The Southwyck CAI board continues to look to fill a vacated board position.  If you are interested, please contact us at directors@SouthwyckTexas.com.  

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