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Please review this diagram.  Make sure you contact the right entity for any questions or concerns you may have.  Going

to the wrong entity only delays your finding a solution.  Southwyck CAI does not handle pool issues.  Only Section boards do.


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While the Southwyck CAI parks remain open for walkers, ALL equipment is closed for use.  Should you choose to use the park for walking, please remember to keep a 6-foot social distance from others, as recommended by the CDC and numerous other organizations.
The Board believes that parents are responsible for the safety of their children, not Southwyck CAI, and especially so at this time, so please discuss with your children the fact that the equipment is not to be used if they go to our park.  The CDC and numerous news organizations have repeatedly cautioned that the COVID -19 can be spread through respiration and that the virus can survive on surfaces anywhere from a few hours up to several days, and that includes outdoor community park equipment and surfaces such as, but not limited to:

We all want this pandemic to end, and end quickly.  Do your part to help keep yourself, your family and neighbors safe by practicing proper social distancing, and following the CDC guidelines so that we can get back to our normal lives and not put others in danger. 


Please be safe,

Southwyck CAI and Southwyck Section 1 board members


This website serves as a resource for the residents and homeowner's association of the Southwyck community to share information freely and easily. 

The Southwyck Community Association's (the master) is generally responsible for assessment collection and distribution; care and upkeep of all community entrances, 2 common area parks along with certain other areas including fence lines along major roads.  We do not issue pool access cards, your village section does.

Village sectionsprimary responsibility include deed restrictions, architectural review guidelines and amenities, including pools within the villages.  There are 3 different Village Boards.  Please see links to those boards on the right --->


Southwyck Community Association bills semi-annually in arrears for all sections.  Once assessments have been paid to our management company, CMSI distributes the section portion of the assessments to the appropriate sections.  

First 1/2 due  July 1, which covers January to June.  It is LATE if the payment is received AFTER July 31.

Second 1/2 due January 1, which covers July through December.   It is LATE if the payment is received AFTER January 31.

Assessments are due in full the 15th of January or July depending on

which 1/2 of the year we are at.  Payment is to be made only to Southwyck CAI.

Revised Southwyck CAI collection policy ~~ Click here ~~ as of

October 2017

Assessments should be made out to  



2615 Bay Area Blvd.

Houston, Texas 77058

ONLINE PAYMENT - If you wish to pay online, you can go to www.mutualpaypropertypay.com. This will take you to a MutualPay Property Pay site.  You will need the information coded on the bottom of your payment coupon in order to use the online payment option. MutualPay Property Pay does charge a fee for their online services.  If you do not have your new account number, you will need to contact Kathy Dooley at CMSI, 281-480-2563.  

Collection costs will be assessed for all payments not received by February 1 or August 1 depending on which 1/2 of the assessments are due.  If you would like to drop off your payment, but cannot be there during open hours, there is a mail slot to the right of the office door.  CMSI is located in the Clear Lake area, across the street from the UHCL apartments.  CMSI is in the strip center behind Tommy’s Oyster Bar, the last door before you go into the office tower.

If you have questions about your assessments, please contact

our Community Manager:
Kathy Dooley at CMSI
281-480-2563 Office
281-480-2608 Fax
Email: kathy@CMSIsolutions.com

CONTACT US - form available

under 'About Us' page.



1st Thursday of each month

6:30 PM at Calvary Baptist Church

3302 County Road 89 - just south 

of Southfork.

Our next board meeting is Thursday, November 5 at 6:30 PM and will not be held at the church.  The next board 
meeting will be a teleconference
board meeting.  Details will be
emailed to homeowners that
provide their email contact
information to CMSI.



Villages of:

Southglen and Emerald Pointe

Monthly meetings:

Generally the 3rd Thursday of each month, but check with Section I.


6:00 PM usually at Calvary Baptist Church but due to COVID-19 meeting are being held by teleconference.

Calvary Baptist Church

3302 County Road 89 - just south

of Southfork.

Next meeting - 3rd Thursday of each month.  

Section I pool schedule on 

Section I page during the pool season.  


Villages of:

Huntington Park, 

Southfield Village, 

Edgewater Estates 

and Southmanor

Board meetings - please visit



Villages of:

Lakecrest Estates

Periodic meetings are held on 

the second Wednesday of the 

month at 7:00 p.m. as needed. 

Section V residents are 

encouraged to address 

concerns, suggestions or 

compliments to any officer.


If you have a specific question 

for your section's board, please 

contact them directly by clicking 

on the link above for your 

section's contact information.  

We have listed each village 

name under each section in 

case you do not know the 

section number that represents 

your village name.​

If you have a general question 

for the master board, we 

encourage you to contact us 

by ~~ Click here ~~ and filling 

out the contact form on the 

right on that page.

This map was created using data from the City of Pearland GIS data site. This Map was created on 04/13/2016.