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​​​​This website serves as a resource for the residents and homeowner's association of the Southwyck community to share information freely and easily. 

The Southwyck Community Association's (the master) general responsible is for assessment collection and distribution; care and upkeep of all community entrances, 2 common area parks along with certain other areas including fence lines along major roads.

Village sections primary responsibility include deed restrictions, architectural review guidelines and amenities within the villages are under 3 different Village Boards.  Please see links to those boards in the center ​information area.


Billed semi-annually in arrears for all sections.

First 1/2 due July 1,which covers January to June.  

Second 1/2 due January 1, which covers July through December.  

Assessments are due in full the 15th of January or July depending on

which 1/2 of the year we are at. Assessments have been 

sent out.

Assessments should be made out to Southwyck Community Assoc.

2615 Bay Area Blvd.

Houston, Texas 77058

If you have questions about your

assessments, please contact Kathy Dooley, our manager at

CMSI 281-480-2563.

CONTACT US - form available

under 'About Us' page.

This map was created using data from the City of Pearland GIS data site. This Map was created on 04/13/2016.

​​​Southwyck Community Association, Inc.

Pearland, Texas



Southwyck Master Association (click to go to master's page)

1st Thursday of each month

6:30 PM at Calvary Baptist Church

3302 County Road 89 - just south of Southfork.

​Next meeting - Thursday, July 6.



​​Section I (click to go to section's page)

Villages of Southglen and Emerald Pointe

NEW!  3rd Thursday of each month

6:30 PM at Calvary Baptist Church

3302 County Road 89 - just south of Southfork.

Next meeting - Thursday, June 15.

Section I pool schedule on Section I page.  Click link above.

Section IV (click to go to section's page)

Villages of Huntington Park, Southfield Village, Edgewater Estates and Southmanor

Board meetings - please visit

Section V (click to go to section's page)

Villages of Lakecrest Estates

Periodic meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. as needed.  Section V residents are encouraged to address concerns, suggestions or compliments to any officer.

Section V Contact Info
Southwyck Section V HOA
2631 Lakecrest Drive
Pearland, TX 77584



If you have a specific question for your section's board, please contact them directly by clicking on the link above for your section's contact information.  We have listed each village name under each section in case you do not know the section number that represents your village name.

If you have a general question for the master board, we encourage you to contact us by ~~ Click here ~~ and filling out the contact form on the right on that page.