​​​​​Southwyck Community Association, Inc.

Pearland, Texas

Southwyck CAI is currently looking to appoint a homeowner to a vacated board position. Board
responsibilities include:

- Collecting assessment fees for Sections I, IV and V and the Master (SCA). Each section uses the
assessments to maintain the value of our community. Kathy Dooley, the owner of CMSI,
handles the day-to-day responsibilities and assists the Board in executing the Southwyck CAI

- Southwyck CAI maintains the seven villages' entrances within Southwyck CAI – Emerald Pointe,
Southglen, Huntington Park, Southfield Village, Edgewater Estates, Southmanor and Lakecrest
Estates. It is responsible for repairs to the monuments, lighting, irrigation, planting and mowing.

- The Southwyck Lake Park and Southwyck Sunset Park are Southwyck CAI property and we are
responsible for the park equipment, lake management, electrical matters, plantings and mowing.

- Southwyck CAI maintains the perimeter fencing of our association along major roads.

- We do not handle ACC or ARC requests. The Section Boards manage their designated villages'
internal business, including ACC/ARC requests, and they are responsible for the upkeep of their
facilities, parks, and pools.

Southwyck monthly board meetings are usually held on the first Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm.
Board meetings typically last an hour and a half, but occasionally, a meeting may run over to two hours.


- Do you need to have previous board experience? 
No. We will help you to understand what our roles and responsibilities are. You will learn something new at every meeting. We will 
help you feel comfortable and settle into the role.

- Do you need to have any special educational experience? 
No. Anyone can apply for a board position, regardless of education or skill set. The only requirements are a level head, the ability to
articulate your opinions in a respectful manner, and a desire and willingness to work with the other Southwyck CAI board members 
for the good of our association and community. We have had homemakers, engineers, accountants, IT specialists, oil & gas 
professionals, business owners, retirees on our Board, to name a few. All board members have an equal say in decision making.

- What does it take to be a board member of Southwyck CAI?
You will need to regularly attend the monthly meetings and respond to emails regarding projects and matters that cannot wait until
our next board meeting. Most of these matters are covered during the monthly board meetings. Volunteering with the Board is NOT 
a full-time job and is NOT a paid position. No favoritism is given to you for service to the board.  Being a part of the board may be 
right for you if you have a desire to make a difference by participating in the decision-making process of our association's business
and if you enjoy working with others and meeting new people. On a purely practical level, you will need to use and check your email 
daily for any communications for the board.

- How much time will the position require? 
Besides the monthly board meetings which generally take 1.50 hours one day a month and maybe 20-30 minutes additionally.

- How about liability concerns? 
Typically, D&O (directors and officers) insurance can limit board members’ personal liability. If you are personally named in a lawsuit 
due to your actions on our board, our D&O insurance, which the association pays for, will likely protect you. 

This board position expires in January 2024. However, if you enjoyed participating on the board, our annual meeting is usually the first Thursday in January, at which point you can run for a 3-year term. Please visit our website, www.SouthwyckTexas.com, and look at all the information we have to share. Please feel free to ask the Board any questions by emailing us at directors@SouthwyckTexas.com. The email goes to  all the board members.

Southwyck CAI board
Email: directors@SouthwyckTexas.com

Southwyck Community Association is looking to fill a vacant board position...